Veatoshii 嵐 Veatoshii 嵐

Surprisingly, i did not know why I totally fix my hair and face (i put a bit make up) today.. and my classmates complimented me. xD I am glad they noticed me. They said i am pretty today ^-^ .. (actually i did this make up and hair for 2 hours lol) I did lots of effort and my classmate told me, i should do this everyday. xD Well, i would try if i am not tired. Luckily , i don’t have assignments so i sleep well.

My old classmates, not really close friends noticed me. I didn’t expect them to notice and greet me. They don’t greet me mostly, but today they did. Seriously? -_- so i should do this everyday just to get their attention? xD My close friends took pictures of me, it’s kinda funny, i felt like I’m a celebrity. Hahaha~ ^ u ^ I felt great today. But tomorrow, i will start doing projects -_- Students week will be next week, i wanna cut my hair.

(PS: I gain weight 51kg to 60kg .. like Fxxk) -_-!